Monday, July 17, 2017

As you can see I have been busy

Change Never Stops!

"I'm not old!" There... I said it. And in truth, I really don't feel old.  I am just a lot older than I thought I would ever get.. and that is a good thing. Both my parents died at 72. But, having all those years roll by has allowed me to have some fun watching how much things have changed. Watches! We no longer need to use them. I have several. Most are stuffed in a drawer. I do wear one for Sunday church. I feel dressed up with my watch on. For graduation I received a watch. It was the gift that you gave when you graduated. Maps! You remember maps. You needed a degree in origami to refold them. But, with a talking phone who needs maps any more? We used to be thrilled to know what mile marker we were at. Now we know within a foot where we are.
Its Monday and I have to get busy! Have a blessed day. Dusting and canning are in order for the day. 

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